Giano Tech

Innovation from Myth

Always keeping in mind our goal, we engineered Giano Tech, a special configuration for professionals who work without assistant and for those practices where left-handed and right-handed doctors share the same dental unit in the same day and do not want to waste time setting the dental unit every single time.

Giano Tech special layout consists of a double articulated arm locked on the back of the dental chair, rotating from left side to right side, with the doctor table on top. With this structure, all professionals can easily reach the instruments and the suction cannulas in all operational positions around the unit.


Why Giano 

In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, duality, endings and transitions in time and space. He is usually depicted on bridges, with two faces watching in both directions to guard entry and exit. That’s why he was called “Ianus Bifrons” (Janus Twofaced).


Giano Tech is available on all Piave units and in different configurations:
– with assistant table 3 slots
– with assistant table 4 slots (standard or long)
– with doctor table with hanging hoses