Simplicity and Class

Piave P75 is the modular dental unit for your practice, start with the basic model for standard operativity and add more characteristics for extra performance afterwards, only when you really need it!

Piave P75 it’s easy to use and even easier to love because combines together good performance and an affordable price, with the added guarantee of Made in Italy.

The doctor table of dental unit Piave P75 is designed for up to 4 instruments and helps you to easily control and manage all the functions. But there’s more…


Doctor table with hanging hoses


…When we developed Piave P75, our aim was to create a dental unit suitable for all professionals, so we decided to create a doctor table with a central keyboard, which is comfortable for both right-handed and left-handed professionals, and offers the 5th dynamic instrument.

Every single Piave dental unit is equipped with an easy and intuitive keyboard to select and set the power of the micromotor and turbine speed, move the dental chair, switch the light, fill the glass and rinse the spittoon.

Under the doctor table, the dentist can find a support for placing instruments on the useful aluminium tray.

DuoPad is a special satellite control with display to power up Piave P75 and make your dental unit reach top class performance!

Control every characteristics of your scaler and brushless micromotor and tune it to best fit your professional needs (torque, rpm, power, speed…).

Piave P75 assistant table has 3 slots for suction cannulas and one instrument. With the small keyboard, the assistant can start water erogation to spittoon and glass.

The assistant table  is available also in another configuration, designed  for doctors working without assistant, with a special double arm installed on the back of the chair.

See the Giano Tech feature here.



The one-more-feature of P75 is the chance to choose a smaller version of the water group, called Easy. This version of the water group is the perfect solution to have a slim unit, suitable for all practices…even the smallest!

P75 Easy small water group detail

Colours                                                                                                                                                                                 Read PDF


Are you a left-handed Professional?

Piave P75 can satisfy your needsAsk us for the version which best suits you.